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Providing communications services since the year 2000, the founders of Telrite Corporation bring over 25 years of experience in telecommunications network technology. Combining reliable technologies and new advanced cutting edge systems make Telrite "the rite choice" for the communications services of today and beyond. Telrite's Network Design is like no other.

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Long Distance, Internet, and Other Services

Why pay more for your long distance? Telrite offers affordable plans that will save you money on long distance calls. Your rates are among the most competitive in the world and we guarantee your satisfaction. Telrite gives you the freedom to conduct your day-to-day business with confidence knowing that you are saving money.

Wholesale Services

Telrite Wholesale Services provides solution-orientated products with the support carriers that resellers need to maintain a position of growth in this rapidly shifting industry.

Agent Programs

Telrite's Agency personnel are available to support your growing business. Our team is dedicated to you, and has a vested interest in, helping you achieve your goals with Telrite's programs.