Members. Connected.

Earn money AND give your members big savings on their long distance bill!

Association and Member Group Program

Mutually beneficial opportunity.

Earn 2-3% cash back!

Telrite is excited to share an exclusive opportunity with your association or member group. We are partnering with employers, group managers, associations, religious organizations, clubs, and any other type of organized membership group to provide discounts and benefits at the membership level. We have worked hard to provide opportunities for potential business partners that will mutually benefit Telrite and your organization.

Our Association and Member Group program is founded on three basic tenents:

  • Bring quality, cost-effective, and reliable telecommunication services to your organization and its members.
  • Provide a platform on which Telrite and your organization may enjoy mutual revenue-bearing benefits.
  • Build and grow firm relationships between Telrite, your organization, and its members.

We are excited to learn more about your organization and explain to you how Telrite's Association and Member Group program can help generate return revenue on your member's participation.

Products and Services:

15% discount on long distance and toll free service!!

Learn more about our products and the Association and Member Group program by contacting or visiting:

Donna Blodgett,
Regional Coordinator

(866) 712-8405

*Association program discount applies only to members of designated Telrite associations.