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Dedicated Internet Access

DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) is connectivity from your place of business to the Internet. DIA is comprised of a local loop (ordered by us from carriers such as MCI and Qwest) and a DIA port. The DIA port is the access point that allows you to connect to the Internet.

Telrite offers connection speeds ranging from fractional T1 speeds to OC3. Our business customers can choose the speed and price that best suits their needs. Dedicated Internet can be value-added by using VoIP products such as IP phones. Telrite can help you determine if VoIP service is right for you.

For our business clients who would like to take advantage of the reliability and flexibility of dedicated services, we offer Integrated T-1 service. Integrated T1s provide you with fractional Internet access and long distance. This choice is a good value for customers not needing full T1 Internet or voice bandwidth.

Contact us today for a personal consultation or to obtain a quote for Dedicated Internet Services. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you accelerate your business communications!

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