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Dedicated Voice Services

Dedicated Long Distance is a service that allows our customers to access a long distance carrier through a dedicated circuit. By installing a dedicated long distance T1/DS1, customers have the ability to dial long distance calls directly into their long distance carrier's network, avoiding local line charges through their local telephone company. Telrite offers dedicated long distance to our customers at substantially lower prices than our normal switched long distance rates. For customers who do a large volume of inbound or outbound calling, a long distance T1 is a cost-saving solution.

Local Voice is another dedicated service, providing customers with local calling area access. Telrite can provision your local voice T1 as a digital switched (24 usable channels) or PRI (ISDN) (23 B channels and 1 D [signaling] channel) circuit. A Telrite Dedicated Services Professional is ready to help you determine local voice pricing and availability in your area. We will tailor your dedicated local voice service to your business needs.

Contact us today for a personal consultation or to obtain a quote for Dedicated Voice Services. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you accelerate your business communications!

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