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Telrite Calling Cards

Stay Connected While You Travel.

Whether you are traveling for business, enjoying a personal vacation or need to make a long distance call away from your office or home, Telrite calling cards are a convenient tool that keeps you connected while you are on the go.

Low Per-Minute Rates

With a Telrite calling card, you will be able to make long distance calls to/from anywhere within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada at a very low rate. Telrite also enables you to make International calls to major countries worldwide.

Convenient Billing

Every call that you make using your Telrite Calling Card is listed on your Telrite invoice. Telrite prepares one bill that separately lists your calling card calls. The Telrite Travel Card gives you a quick and easy way to track your communication expenses while traveling. Your bill is broken down into easy-to-follow product categories so you can see exactly what calls transpired on your card.

Contact Us to learn more about the convenience of Telrite calling cards. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you enhance your long distance communications!