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Wholesale Services

Telrite Wholesale Services provides solution-oriented products with the support carriers and resellers need to maintain a position of growth within the rapidly shifting telecommunications industry. Telrite Wholesale Services present viable carrier service alternatives to switchless and facility-based carriers, assuring quality of service both in network and customer satisfaction.

Wholesale Partner Support offers fast, responsive service that meets your needs. Telrite realizes the importance of reliable service to its carriers and resellers. Since 1983, we have earned a reputation for providing quality service while responding timely to our customers' needs. Our Wholesale Partner Support team provides a single point of contact for each wholesale account.

Products and Services

Voice and Transport Services:

  • Competitive Rate Programs
  • Extended Domestic Origination and Termination
  • VoIP Termination to the PSTN, Domestic & International
  • International Termination
  • Travel Card Services
  • Advanced Toll Free Service